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How Much?

Broadband Internet for just £6.95 a month! or £69 for a Years Membership

One-off set up costs will vary depending on your proximity to a Node or Hotspot. The minimum you will need is a Wifi card for your PC which if you do not have one will cost around £20-£30.  If you need an external Antenna to connect, then the cost may rise to around £60.

As well as broadband at your home or office this gives you full membership with internet access across the whole network (100+ hot spots).


If you wish to set up as a hotspot/node or repeater you can purchase an aerial and computer.  We have a few kits already configured ready for immediate use at £150.  It's supplied fully built and ready-to-go. The software is pre-loaded and configured to work with SussexNetShare. The Node will be tested before delivery. The package will include:

  • 1 x used Pentium II 266MHz (PC System Unit only, NO monitor, keyboard or mouse) or better with a minimum of 64Mb RAM, 2Gb HDD, Ethernet NIC.

  • 1 x Netgear MA311 PCI WiFi Card or similar

  • 1 x 12dB Omni directional Antenna

  • 1 x Pigtail

We can also help supply suitable cable, plugs and sockets.  We may even be able to help with setting up. In some areas we have a professional aerial erector available at £60 per installation. If you are a node you can get £5 from every £6.95 paid by a User you are sharing with.  Share with a few Users and your broadband should pay for itself.

Our ansamachine number for support and admin is 01273 806417. Messages left on this number are sent to ALL local admin for their earliest response. We also have an online support portal where you can leave messages and gain/follow responses. Support portal available by clicking this Support link is part of and Website copyright 2003-2010