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How It All Works

A Mesh Network is a loosely coupled network.  To put it simply, each Node on the Network interconnects as and when it can to neighbouring Nodes.  This means that if a Node goes down, the Network automatically heals itself by routing traffic around the damaged area.

Once enough Nodes are connected together, each User of the Network should be able to get uninterrupted usage as long as they have can connect to at least 2 Nodes nearby.

  • The Mesh is formed along the Network Connections heavy dashed lines.

  • User2 and User3 can connect to 2 Nodes.

  • User1, User5 and User4 can only use 1 Node.

  • Rep1 is a Repeater - it has no Internet connection, but can gain access to the Internet by using Node3 or Node4.

  • If the Internet connection fails on a Node, the Node reroutes traffic to the nearest other Node which still has a working Internet connection.

  • The maximum practical limit for 1 Node is 20 Users.

The radio signals used by the Network are situated on the 2.4Ghz band - radio signals using Microwaves such as these are very very low power (about 100 Milli-Watts) and therefore are restricted to line-of-sight connections.  Trees, and other water based objects absorb Microwaves, and effectively block signals - A Chainsaw is therefore an essential piece of Wireless Networking Equipment!

They will penetrate walls close to the transmitter, but for best results, an external antenna is required to provide a stable, reliable signal.

Some Wireless network groups have run tests to see how far they could send and receive signals - One group in Brighton managed 14.3km!

The more Nodes we can place in the Network, the more reliable, and fault-tolerant it becomes.  If you want to host a Node or Repeater (it pays for itself, and your Internet Connection!) please contact Ian Salmon on 07973 865850.

For further Technical details please visit our FAQ

Our ansamachine number for support and admin is 01273 806417. Messages left on this number are sent to ALL local admin for their earliest response. We also have an online support portal where you can leave messages and gain/follow responses. Support portal available by clicking this Support link is part of and Website copyright 2003-2010